The Happiest Place on Earth

Bipolar and musically obsessive 24-year-old. Formally from outer space and currently searching for The American Dream in Kansas City, MO through baseball games and a 13-year-long obsession with Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez. Holding out hope that my degree in Political Science and Film will be useful one day. Can often be found hiding in a dark corner of a rave or listening to bluegrass in a dingy dive bar.


Mike’s Thoughts:

- Women who hyphenate their names after they get married are sluts.

- A woman does not have the ability to think for herself.

- One of the biggest mistakes in American history was when women were allowed to vote.

- Women can’t think for themselves… they need to be controlled!


Beautiful ass-kicking babes: Courtney Love, Kim Deal, Kat Bjelland, Jennifer Finch, Demri Parrott, Kim Gordon, Selene Vigil, Kristen Pfaff, Elizabeth Davis

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